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Of Progress and Success

February 6, 2013

I recently shared (here) of the beginnings of ACR’s education and literacy program high in the mountains of Haiti in a village called Fond des Blancs (FdB). The rural poor of Haiti often do not have adequate housing, access to clean water, jobs, and to education. It leads to a cycle of poverty that grips generation upon generation. Our visit to the FdB region opened doors to birth several programs, including our charity’s first educational grant — sending five children and teens to school for the first time. I look at these photos received today and see joy in the youngest students as they pose in crisp new uniforms, and I can almost feel the pride coming through the faces of the young men who have a chance to become literate and educated — a gift they would not otherwise have realized. In Haiti, education is a privilege for those whose parents have enough money to pay for uniforms and tuition. Unlike the government-funded educational systems of America, it is not a right of every child in Haiti to go to school. And not unlike America, literacy and education open the door to better opportunity and self sufficiency.

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If you’d like to make a donation to enable more forgotten children to have the privilege of going to school, please visit our giving page. Donations can be made by credit card or by check in any amount, and they are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Love God! Love Others!

For the children,

Kristie Fry, Executive Director

Just Love List – Local

January 25, 2013

There are several ways to get involved in loving the most needy and marginalized people right where weutility-bill-need live. For one, I know a homeless couple who live behind a shopping center who are constantly in need of wood chips to burn in a stove to keep them warm on these frigid winter nights. For those living here in southern Pennsylvania, can you imagine what it must be like this week to be outside all the time? It feels unbearable for even the shortest walk from my car to the warmth of my office or home.

We have been approached by another family in desperate need of help with a utility bill. The couple has a young baby to care for. The mother was laid off from her job in December; the father was let go last week. His employer said they may rehire in March. They have applied for unemployment but rent will be due again soon, and they have racked up a hefty overdue utility bill they cannot pay. They need help or they remain in danger of having the lights (and the heat) turned off. A copy of the bill is attached.

We need your help. A donation of any amount will help.

Many things we need can wait. A baby and her desperate parents cannot. The homeless out in the bitter cold cannot. Help us express God’s love by providing heat for these least of these. Give here.

Love God! Love Others!

For the children,

Kristie Fry, Executive Director

Previous Just Love List

It was a short, but good year for A Child’s Refuge

January 2013

Dear friends,

As we move head first into this New Year, I am looking back at our inaugural year with great thankfulness. In 2012, A Child’s Refuge was birthed out of God-given passion for loving the least and out of my dream to do more.  But ACR would not exist nor could we have helped so many in our first year if not for God-given friends and family who have supported us.

Together we have been able to provide life-saving therapeutic milk (called F-75) to severely malnourished infants and children in Haiti. In Haiti, we’ve also enabled five impoverished children and teens the privilege of donning a crisp uniform to enter school as students for the first time—improving their future possibilities to gain employment and break the cycle of intense poverty. We have funded micro-businesses which, for one, enabled a large family to begin selling goods at their village’s weekly market, and in turn, to put food on the table. Your support has also helped ACR to procure thousands of dollars’ worth of medicines and medical supplies to be delivered this month to a vital hospital in Port au Prince, Haiti.

f-75cphoto credit:

Additionally, our partnership has made it possible to assist the poorest of the poor right here in southern Pennsylvania as well. ACR has come to the aid of a homeless couple in desperate need of wood chips to provide heat in order to survive the freezing cold winter nights at their camp.  We have also provided bags of groceries to two migrant families who literally suffered bare cupboards and empty bellies when work ran out and our poor economy failed to produce other jobs. Because of your support, we have also purchased formula and diapers for single mothers who have had no other means to provide these bare necessities for their infants.

So, we expectantly welcome 2013—all of its challenges and blessings—as we continue in our mission to share God’s love by helping the most needy children and families where we serve. We will remember that whenever we do anything for the overlooked and ignored, we do it for the Lord. We pray we will not be numb to the cries of the poor, that we will be moved to compassion when we learn of the conditions of others, that we will see when we look and hear when we listen. And, most importantly, we pray that we will remain totally dependent on God for His work through us.

In closing, please consider with me this exhortation by Gabriela Mistral who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945: “We are guilty of many errors and many faults, but our worst crime is abandoning the children, neglecting the fountain of life. Many of the things we need can wait. The child cannot. Right now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made, and his senses are being developed. To him we cannot answer ‘Tomorrow,’ his name is today.”

Together we can make a difference for ‘today’ and in the lives of many in 2013. We need your help. Would you please consider a gift to ACR to join us in loving the least?

A Child’s Refuge will ensure that your gift of any amount will directly help a child or family in desperate need, and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. We make giving easy with two options (credit card or check).

God bless you and yours in this New Year! And thank you for caring to help and love the least.


Kristie Fry,

Executive Director

Therapeutic Milk on its way to Haiti for the most critically malnourished children

November 3, 2012

A Child’s Refuge is privileged to announce our first partnership in Haiti.  We have had the opportunity to answer a call from Real Hope for Haiti (in Cazale, Haiti) to help them find Therapeutic F-75 milk. This product will be used to help rehabilitate the most severly malnourished children RHFH admits to their Rescue Center. According to their director, Licia Betor, some children are admitted to care too ill to give them the therapeutic food they currently have in stock–Medika Mamba, a protein-fortified product resembling peanut butter.

There are only three manufacturers of Therapeutic Milk in the world–one in Germany, France and the USA. After contacting all three, ACR was able to establish an account with Challenge Dairy in California which had product available. A pallet is now on its way to RHFH’s warehouse in Minnesota, and it will soon be hand-carried by batches to RHFH in Cazale.

Read more about caring for severely malnourished children here. Also, we will update this page as we learn how the product is working at this vital clinic and rescue center in Haiti. We thank God for the love RHFH gives through life-saving help.

If you would like to give to help A Child’s Refuge provide additional quantities of Therapeutic Milk to RHFH and other vital clinics, please visit our giving page. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Love God! Love Others!

For the children,

Kristie Fry, Executive Director

Just Love List – Local

October 9, 2012

Hi friends,

A little love has proven to go a long way, especially when we join forces. Sometimes, a little bit of time and care is all that is needed to help a marginalized friend with real needs. So, here I bring you the first Just Love List. A play on words, but certainly not folly. Love is just and merciful. And if we just love a little, we do bless others. ACR can connect you with these service opportunities and others right here in the Chambersburg area.

Driving lessons:Three Haitian friends (women) have cars and permits, but don’t know how to drive. They need licenses to be able to get to jobs in order to take care of their infant children. It requires only some time and kindness. (Thanks, Justin!)

Tutoring: There is opportunity to help teach English to marginalized, diverse populations. This is not grammar nor the English class of your school days. We have much fun in this interactive, loving service to unlikely friends.

Curtains: Yes, that’s right. A Haitian migrant family has just settled in Chambersburg; the wife and children survived the Haitian earthquake of January 2010 and recently immigrated to the U.S. to join their husband/father. Their rental in an older home in the borough has many windows, and they’re already cold. They are seeking curtains (or fabric or blankets or…) to hang on the windows to help keep the cold out. If you’d like to love on them in this unique way, opportunity awaits.

If you would like to Just Love a little, please just let us know.


Kristie Fry, Executive Director

ACR has launched

October 8, 2012

Dear friends,

I am excited to be launching a new charity close to my heart. A Child’s Refuge is the culmination of the past several years of my life’s story. It began with the adoption of my three beautiful children from Haiti. They had been relinquished for adoption due solely to extreme poverty; their mother was unable to feed her children. It is also the result of my quest to take seriously the words of Jesus Christ; He said it’s most important to love God and to love others. As I’ve purposed to simply love, I’ve been entrusted to love many. And now my dream of being able to do more has come to fruition with the launch of A Child’s Refuge (ACR), a non-profit charity.

My passion for loving others is twofold—the least of these on our doorsteps and the poorest of the poor in Haiti. As you may know, God has led me to love on many unlikely neighbors right here where we live. From the Haitian community who calls me “mom” to the precious students of the Agape English Program I founded at King Street Church, I am privileged to love on many marginalized friends. How can one look away when people don’t have enough food to eat? Or when a young mom runs out of formula for her infant? Or when rent cannot be paid and a family faces eviction? I just can’t. Many friends have answered my calls for help in loving on the least, and I thank God for each of you. You’ve graciously helped others in dire need without thought of a tax deduction, but that has changed. ACR exists to help the most marginalized right here…and beyond.

God allowed me to visit Haiti with my family this past summer, and I again saw firsthand the suffering of the Western Hemisphere’s most poor. ACR also exists to meet basic needs of survival in Haiti. How can we look away when people are starving, when they don’t have clean drinking water, are homeless, without an education, and in desperate need of medical care? I invite you to read the attached report from my visit to learn more about the needs in Haiti and the partnerships ACR has made. You may also read about a new literacy program ACR has developed for illiterate teens and adults in a small village high in the mountains of Haiti.

Not unlike the other ways God has opened doors for me to love others, I have witnessed the miraculous ways people have stepped in to guide the legal and administrative processes in setting up a charity. ACR has also been blessed with a truly wonderful Board of Directors who share the vision and demonstrate a deep love for others. With ACR’s launch, we are blessed to have the opportunity to do more in loving others less fortunate. I invite you to support us in loving the most marginalized here and in Haiti.

We can now accept donations of any amount and provide tax deductible receipts to the extent as allowed by law. Your donation can be sent to:

A Child’s Refuge
233 Pine Drive
Fayetteville, PA 17222

In closing, I know our true success will be measured by how well we love the most needy and marginalized people where we serve for the glory of God. Explore our website at


Kristie Fry, Executive Director
A Child’s Refuge

Why We Do What We Do

Are you interested in why ACR is purposed to help make life better for the poorest of the poor? Click here to read more.